We love hearing from our students! Knowing how much students are getting from our work together is the best news of all.

I am, again, learning tremendously through your video lessons. All the explanations you give with your voice demonstrations accompanied by your own piano playing makes me understand everything really well. Showing good examples and bad examples also helps, as well as the sessions with your students. I like the way you teach – straight to the point and it is really clear. I also appreciate your book, Belting – Guide to Healthy, Powerful Singing. Not only does it teach us all the important elements in belting, but it helped me to put all the different voices (chest, mix, head, belting, etc.) into one voice! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! –Sarah Rawlings, New Zealand

“I have been positively influenced by many vocal instructors over the years, but this workshop, led by Jeannie and Ana, far surpassed all of my expectations. It provided a vocal toolkit for me to draw from for years to come, including how vocal technique and vocal plasticity are dependent, and uniquely influenced by proper body alignment, breath support, our perceptions and intentions around why we sing, and our commitment to the message we hope to convey through our vocal performance.

“Hosted in the warm environment of “The Loft,” Jeannie and Ana, guided by their years of experience as professional musicians, and their expertise as Professors of Voice at Berklee College of Music, created an engaging, fun and constructive environment. Participants had the opportunity to sing excerpts from a variety of genres of songs, and received invaluable input on how to improve their sound, support and presence. The experience was further deepened by guest professors from Berklee who visited each week specializing in one or more of the areas noted above.

“If you are interested in learning how to optimize your voice (whether you sing professionally, or just for the joy of it) and how to maintain a long, healthy, holistic approach to singing, this eight week, content-rich session is one of the best investments you will ever make to accomplish that objective!” –Kim Igoe Kasper, Workshop Student

Dave Lange, online voice student

I’ve struggled for years trying to find my voice and break through the personal barriers holding me back from becoming a better vocalist. Jeannie quickly identified my strengths and challenges then personalized an approach that helped me to achieve immediate results.  I’m beginning to do things with my voice that I didn’t know I could and now my confidence is soaring! Thanks Jeannie! -Dave Lange

Even in the course of a few months’ time—in this instance, one semester—a musician’s relationship with music can take on new and profound meaning. This has been true for me personally, during this time when I took the course The Body, Sound, and Inspiration Through Performance and Beyond. Whether as a result of the people that I’ve come to know in this particular class, exercises that we explored, events outside the classroom, or something somewhere in between, I have come into my own as a person and as a musician in truly novel and expansive ways.  –JD Demers